Driving licence test

You intend to drive straight ahead. The driver of the black car is clearly indicating (by means of waving and eye contact) that you should drive first. How should you act?

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The important thing to note in this situation is that there is a white car concealed behind the black car. You have an obligation to give way, in accordance with the priority-to-the-right rule. Even if the driver of the black car is signalling for you to pass, you still have an obligation to give way to the white car. You cannot therefore drive on straight away.

Why is the wording so tricky? Why write “something other” to take into consideration instead of “a concealed white car”?
– Mentioning the white car in the answer would ruin the whole point of the question. The point is that you must detect the white car in the video yourself, which is why the wording is perhaps somewhat cryptic.

If the white car had not been there, would it then have been OK for me to drive on first?
– Yes, spontaneous collaboration between drivers is a good thing. If the driver of the black car has clearly signalled his/her intention, it is quite alright for you to drive first.

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