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Can a driving licence be revoked if there are doubts about the licence holder’s sobriety?

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A driving licence shall be revoked [...] if the licence holder is unfit to have a driving licence due to being unreliable in terms of sobriety.” (Driving license law)

Doubts about sobriety refers primarily to situations where a licence holder has been reported for intoxication, for example having been taken into care in accordance with the Care of Intoxicated Persons Act (1976:511) etc. On the other hand, dependency or abuse of alcohol, narcotics, medications or other drugs also constitutes a medical obstacle to being issued a driving licence, pursuant to the current regulations on medical requirements for driving licences etc. Doubts about sobriety therefore refers to a situation where the licence holder has been reported for intoxication but where this does not indicate a medical obstacle to being issued a driving licence.” (The Riksdag)

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