What applies to this situation?

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The first alternative is wrong, as the additional panel with the arrow to the left only applies to the parking structure [P HUS] and not the prohibition sign, since “an additional panel underneath a parking prohibition sign or a prohibition to stop or park has [...] black characters on a yellow base.” (Traffic Sign Ordinance)

The third and fourth options are also wrong, as it is not true that you get directly onto route 53: “A sign with a dashed border indicates that the road is leading to the route with the number on the sign.” (Traffic Sign Ordinance)

But the sign indicates a prohibition to stop and to park, not just a parking prohibition as stated in the correct answer?
– There is nothing wrong with saying that you are not allowed to park by this sign. It is only wrong if you say that it is only forbidden to park but permitted to stop. The correct alternative does not say that.

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