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You are driving on a road where the maximum permitted speed is 90 km/h. Why could it be risky to mistake a motorcycle for a moped when overtaking it?

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  • Overtaking scenario 1: You are overtaking a car and there is an oncoming motorcycle (which you believe is a moped). You think: “I do not need as much of a margin, the moped can only drive 45 km/h anyway.” As you are overtaking the car, you notice that the “moped” is approaching at the same speed as you, 90 km/h!

  • Overtaking scenario 2: You are approaching a motorcycle (which you believe is a moped) from behind. You change lanes for a flying overtake but notice that it takes you a long time to pass, since the “moped” is driving significantly faster than 45 km/h. There is a great risk that you will stay in the oncoming lane for too long.

Moped drivers tending to have less experience is always of some significance, but in this case the difference in speed is much more important.

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