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When the video begins, you are indicating to turn left and are planning to turn off towards Flodafors. There is a truck behind you. How should you think in this situation?

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Left turns on busy country roads are one of the most dangerous traffic situations. When the video ends, you can see that there are three oncoming vehicles (two trucks and one car). This means that you will be forced to greatly reduce your speed or stop before you can turn. This is risky, especially when there is a truck behind you (collision from behind).

This is not only a matter of general awareness. The Road Traffic Ordinance specifically includes this text: “A driver may only turn at a junction if this can be performed without causing a hazard or an unnecessary obstruction to others travelling in the same direction. Special attention must be given to the traffic behind.

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • I should consider aborting the turn and continuing straight ahead, due to the oncoming traffic.
    – Correct. Coming to a standstill on a busy country road is to be avoided.

  • The risks involved in executing the turn are small, because I have signalled my intention to turn to the traffic behind me.
    – Wrong. The use of indicators reduces the risk, but the situation still involves a great deal of risk.

  • I may not abort the turn and continue straight ahead, because I am already indicating to turn left.
    – Wrong. You should certainly not use your indicators unnecessarily. In this instance, however, you have good reason to abort the turn. See also the passage from the Road Traffic Ordinance quoted above.

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