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How much pressure, at least, must the cargo fastenings on a trailer be able to withstand to the sides?

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Cargo fastenings must be able to withstand […] half the cargo weight in the back and to the sides”. (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 248).

If, for example, you have a TV on the trailer weighing 30 kg, the straps (= the cargo fastenings) must be able to withstand a pressure of at least 15 kg to each side (15 kg = 50% of 30 kg). If this is not the case, the straps could snap when you drive through a sharp bend.

Note the wording “at least” in the question. It is not wrong for the fastenings to be able to withstand 100% or 200%, but it is incorrect to say that they have to.

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