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You are driving the car from which the picture is taken and intend to go straight. How should you reason, considering the silver car on your left?

There are two clues that allow you to feel certain that you have priority over the silver car.

1 is in all likelihood a give way sign (no other sign has that shape):

Give way (B1)
This sign indicates that the driver has an obligation to give way to vehicles on the intersecting road or route.”.

2 is in all likelihood a give way line:

Give way line (M14)
This marking indicates the line that a vehicle should not pass when the driver is observing the obligation to give way.

Why have a question where you have to speculate?
– Because you are guaranteed to end up in situations where you are not 100 per cent on top of things. In those situations, it is important to be able to draw reasonable conclusions.

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