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This is an old question that is no longer in use.

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The road conditions are as in the photo. Suddenly, an obstacle appears 40 metres down the road, which causes you to brake quickly. Approximately how long will your reaction distance be if your reaction time is 1 second and you are driving at 70 km/h?

First, consider the calculations of stopping distance, reaction distance and breaking distance.

Reaction distance:

  • remove the zero in the speed * reaction time * 3
  • 7 * 1 * 3 = 21 rounded to 20 metres

The image and the condition of the road are actually irrelevant to the answer. These factors only come into play when estimating the braking distance. The distance to the obstacle is also irrelevant.

Why does the question contain unnecessary information?
– It shows whether you really know what you are doing and that you are certain. Also not that there are very few questions that try to trick you like this.

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