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How far should you be able to go on the remaining fuel?

This is a matter of making a reasonable assessment, as in many other traffic situation.

The correct answer is “More than 10,000 metres”. For simplicity, let’s say that the car uses 1 litre each 10 km (which is a lot). The tank is filled to approximately 25% (1/4).

If any of the lower ranges were correct, it would mean that the car’s fuel tank (not including the reserve tank) can fit approximately 4 litres, which is completely unreasonable (a regular medium-sized car has a tank of approx. 40 litres; even mopeds usually have a tank larger than 4 litres).

Another way of looking at it: Imagine that the tank contains 60 litres. There is 25% left. 60 * 0.25 or 60/4 = 15 litres. If any other alternative than “More than 10,000 metres” was correct, it would mean that the car consumes more than 1.5 litres/km, which is completely unreasonable.

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