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You intend to continue straight ahead. Are you permitted to change to the left-hand lane in order to pass the car in front?

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If a solid line separates the lanes, no change of lane may occur.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

Solid line (M8)

It is true that you are permitted to cross a solid, continuous line if there is an obstruction in the road. The car in front of you (which presumably is waiting for a few seconds to allow a cyclist to pass) does not represent an obstruction. An obstruction must be more long-lasting in nature, such as a car that has a puncture (marked with hazard lights and a warning triangle).

The purpose of the solid, continuous line is to increase safety. The fact that the white car in front of you is stationary is not something you will have planned for. For you to make an unplanned manoeuvre and pull out into the left-hand lane would represent a hazard, because there could be traffic coming from behind. Lane changes are permitted further ahead, where the traffic situation will have become calmer and where you can gain a better perspective of the situation.

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