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You intend to travel in the same direction as the car in front of you. Do you need to signal using your direction indicators at the moment the video ends?

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You are driving on a roundabout, which is made clear by the road sign at the start of the video:

Roundabout (D3)

You must therefore give a signal using your direction indicators when leaving the roundabout, regardless of the layout.

In this example, it is very large roundabout with two lanes. One possible problem is that, when you indicate, traffic in the right-hand lane may think that you intend to move across into its lane. However, this problem is reduced by the fact that the line between the lanes is continuous – in other words, changing lanes at this point is not permitted. The dashed part of the line seen at the end of the video is known as a ‘Guide line’, and it is not the intention that you shall change lanes there.

One way to reduce the risk of confusion is to turn off your direction indicators as soon as you have left the roundabout (at the same place where the car ahead of you is when the video ends).

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