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Which sign indicates the maximum gross weight of a single vehicle in a vehicle combination?

A: Restricted gross weight of vehicle (C20)
Maximum permitted gross weight is indicated on the sign.

B: Restricted gross weight of vehicle and vehicle combination (C21)
Maximum permitted gross weight is indicated on the sign.

C: Restricted weight on one axle (C23)
Maximum permitted weight on an axle is indicated on the sign.

D: Restricted weight on tandem axle (C24)
Maximum permitted weight on a tandem axle is indicated on the sign.

But B is the sign that refers to vehicle combinations?
– Yes, but in this case, you have to really pay attention to the formulation of the question, which is very tricky! The figure stated in B is the maximum weight of the whole vehicle combination. However, the question is asking about the maximum weight of a single vehicle, which is what is provided in A.

For example, A allows for 3 vehicles that each weigh 12 tonnes to be driven on the road: 12-tonne truck + 12-tonne trailer + 12-tonne trailer = a total 36 tonnes. (Note that each trailer is considered an individual vehicle.)

B would not allow these 3 vehicles on the road, as the total weight of the entire vehicle combination exceeds the sign limit of 30 tonnes.

But this is only applicable to trucks, right?
– No, it is the same principle for all vehicles. It is thus possible for the signs to indicate lower weights. In other words, the signs are what matters, not the specific weights indicated here (these are the examples used by the Swedish Transport Agency on the official road sign images).

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