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You are driving the car from which the picture is taken. How should you act?

Review of the options:

  • Stop to give way to oncoming vehicles, as the lorry to the left of the picture is blocking the lane intended for such vehicles.
    – Unnecessary and not in accordance with the rules: the obstacle is on the oncoming vehicles’ side and consequently you should not stop.

  • Drive out on the hard shoulder following the red car in front of you, as this is helpful to oncoming vehicles.
    – Good, there appears to be plenty of room and you help traffic flow smoothly in both directions. It appears that the oncoming traffic can use “your” lane without problem if you stick to the hard shoulder. A typical example of good cooperation between drivers, which is encouraged by the authorities.

  • Drive between the lane and the hard shoulder, as this is helpful to oncoming vehicles but also safe.
    – This does no good. You will probably block the path of oncoming vehicles, while at the same time there is hardly any improvement in terms of safety (it appears to be perfectly safe to drive on the hard shoulder; it can also be assumed that the speed is low, considering the situation).

  • Stay in the lane intended for traffic in your direction, as the hard shoulder should not be used in this situation.
    – This situation is a typical example of when the hard shoulder should be used to make things easier for all involved.

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