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Which signal tells you to reduce your speed?

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A: Stop (P3)
The signal indicates a stop for the road user the light is facing. The sign is used when it is dark and in case of limited visibility. The light is positioned where it can most easily be detected by road users.

B: Reduce speed (P5)
The signal indicates that the road user whom the officer is facing must reduce their speed. When it is dark and visibility is poor, the signal may be highlighted with a white or amber light or a reflective device that reflects white or amber light.

C: Stop (P1)
The signal means stop for the road user coming head on or from behind. The signal is used in a junction and applies as long as the officer is facing in the same direction. For road users approaching from the side, the signal means that the road is free and that it is permitted to drive. The signal may be given in combination with the signal P2, stop. The signal may be given using a stop paddle.

D: Drive forward (P4)
The signal indicates that road users in the direction the signal is given may continue onwards. The signal is given with a waving motion in the direction of travel.

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