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Why is parking at the red arrow not permitted?

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You are driving on a priority road, which is indicated by this road sign at the start of the video:

Priority road (B4)

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • It is too close to a junction.
    – Wrong. The minimum distance is 10 metres. It is clear that the distance to both the junction ahead and the junction behind is more than that. A distance of 10 metres is roughly the same as 2 car-lengths.

  • The road is a priority road.
    – Correct. “A vehicle may not be parked [...] on a priority road.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

  • The road is too narrow.
    – Wrong. The road is of normal width. There are narrower roads where parking is permitted.

  • I would be blocking an exit road for bicycles.
    – Wrong. The asphalt-covered area in front of the building is not considered to be an exit (exit roads are mainly for use by cars). It is actually a footpath leading to the door combined with a parking area for bicycles. In addition, it would be very easy for cyclists to get in and out even if you were parked here.

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