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Which of these statements about speed is correct?

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Review of the options:

  • It is always recommended to drive at a very low speed.
    – Wrong, “A driver may not drive at an excessively low speed without a valid reason.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

  • I have to be able to stop before any foreseeable obstacle.
    – Correct, “The speed may never be greater than what allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and stop it [...] before any foreseeable obstacle.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

  • Where there is ongoing roadworks, I am allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 50 km/h.
    – Wrong, it is common for the maximum speed past a roadwork site on a motorway to be 70 km/h.

  • I do not have to adapt my speed according to the weather.
    – Wrong, “Consideration shall always be given to […] weather and visibility conditions.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

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