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Are there any possible downsides to technical driving skills training on slippery roads?

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There is a lot of research to indicate how training that for example places a lot of emphasis on technical driving skills entails a risk of the driver overestimating their own skills – a false sense of confidence that can cause them to take risks, for example in slippery conditions that turn out not to be manageable.” (Swedish Transport Administration)

Imagine a driver in a car behind a lorry. It appears to be very slippery and no-one else is overtaking the lorry, but this driver thinks “it’s fine, of course I can pass, I know how to handle the car in slippery conditions.” If there is extremely slippery ice in the overtaking lane, no training in the world will make a difference. In some cases, the laws of physics will make it impossible to steer out of a skid or stop within a certain distance.

This does not mean that the training is bad. Note that the question asks whether there are “any possible downsides”, which indicates that training is normally a positive thing.

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