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How should you interpret the sign in the picture?

Road number (F14)
A road number is only given for roads in the number group 1–499. A sign with a dashed border indicates that the road is leading to the route with the number on the sign.

Review of the options:

  • If you turn right you will come directly onto E20.
    – Wrong, since the border is dashed, you do not come directly out on this road.

  • If you turn right you will first come onto E20, then road 53 and lastly road 230.
    – Wrong, this is not necessarily true. It is probably possible to get to road 230 without having first driven on E20 and road 53.

  • If you turn right, you have the possibility of connecting to E20, road 53 and road 230.
    – Correct.

  • To come to E20, road 53 or road 230, you first need to go to the centre of town.
    – Wrong, it says nothing about this. It is more likely that there is an exit road to E20 before you reach the centre.

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