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It is winter and you are about to drive out onto a bridge crossing a watercourse. Should you expect a risk of the road being slippery if the temperature is 0°C?

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In cold weather and heavy winds, the bridge will get slippery sooner, as the road is exposed to the cold from all directions (even from below).

Compare with a hair dryer: It is easier to get your hair dry if you work the dryer from all angles, rather than just holding it still over your head. The same principles apply to bridges, except with cold instead.

On bridges and viaducts, there is a greater risk of slippery road conditions [...] At a bridge over a watercourse, the surrounding air is humid, which increases the risk of slippery road conditions.” (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 167)

The traction “is the lowest at a temperature around 0°C. Be particularly attentive when driving on bridges and viaducts.” (Du och jag i trafiken [You and me in traffic], 28th Edition, page 286)

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