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Do you have an obligation to give way if a car approaches from the right at the point when the video ends?

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Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • Yes, because the priority-to-the-right rule applies.
    – Correct. Because there are no other instructions, the priority-to-the-right rule applies.

  • No, because the road on the right does not have a sign with a street name.
    – Wrong. A sign displaying a street name can be an indication that the priority-to-the-right rule applies, but there is no requirement that such a sign must exist. In this example, it is clear that the place is a road junction and not, for example, an exit (compare this place with the appearance of the exits from the houses seen at the start of the video).

  • Yes, because this is indicated by a road sign.
    – Wrong. No such sign is shown in the video.

  • No, because visibility is impaired.
    – Wrong. Visibility does not affect the priority-to-the-right rule.

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