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What rule applies to this parking area?

”P-skiva” = parking disc.

Review of the options:

  • I am allowed park on a Sunday between 6–17 without using a parking disc.
    – Correct, Sunday is not included on the additional panel, which means that you should just refer to the parking sign, which states that Sundays do not have any time restrictions.

  • I may never park longer than 2 hours at this location.
    – Wrong, you can park for longer periods during times that are not restricted by the additional panel.

  • I am not allowed on a Saturday between 18–21 without using a parking disc.
    – Wrong, you may park since the additional panel only applies until 15:00 on Saturdays.

  • With a parking disc, I am always allowed to park at this location for at most 2 hours. If I do not have a parking disc, I have to pay a fee during the hours indicated on the additional panel.
    – Wrong, you never need to pay a fee. You are not even able to pay a fee!

Parking (E19)
The sign indicates that parking is allowed in a parking area [...] parking is permitted, during weekdays except for weekdays before Sundays and public holidays, for a maximum of 24 hours at a time, unless other information is provided on an additional panel.

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