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Bias in driving test?

Gäst 2021-06-06 14:54 ! Citera #
The inspector can aslo get the impression that you may have missed the 80 km/h sign, which can be a reason enough to fail you due to your lack of observation skills.
Gäst 2021-06-06 14:59 ! Citera #
To emphazise your car-position and always follow the right speed is important to give other drivers the correct information so the traffic flow can Continue in secure manner
Colombian and passed the test 2021-06-06 17:31 ! Citera #
If your drive 60 in a 80 way of course you fail ,you can make mistakes but mistakes who compromise the security are a big no no , I dont look swedish and I passed , make you favor and go to a good driving school and learn from then .I fail first time but yesterday I passed my drive test
Lagunaboy 2022-08-16 20:32 ! Citera #
This traffic rule that speeding 60km/h is considered dangerous in an 80km/h speed limit is very confusing, if not flawed, and invalid in logic. For example, my friend just failed a driving test for the same reason. He makes 62km/h at 80km/h. But the student just entered the country road from the junction. After he entered the intersection (junction), and when he has to accelerate of course, if she want to get on the 80km/h, she then must be at first reached the 60’s km/h before she could get or meet the 80km/h. But she got failed because she just had 62km/h. The instructor’s explanation after the test is that ”if” some vehicles are faster behind, they may hit you and would get you killed because of the low speed. However, if I recall, it is common sense. If someone is behind the 62km/h, would he hit you because you are at a slow speed, and the road is 80km/h? The rules does not really make sense.
Gäst 2022-08-17 02:20 ! Citera #
You’re supposed to, as fast as possible, accelerate up to the current speed limit when turning into a new road.
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