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Anyone want to try a different approach?

Smartguy 2024-03-16 13:32 ! Quote #
Guys. I completely agree that Swedish license is a scam. I have been talking to so many people and have been experiencing myself. Examiners try to mostly fail non-EU people giving some stupid reason which doesn’t even make any sense. A lot of people have on road drive above speed limit, no indicators, no right hand rule followed.

On top of this, decision cannot be appeal.

I wish someone changes the rules by filing a case. Many country have possibly of appealing the decision.

One of my friend failed 6 times with new reason everyone.

We are human being and no robot. Everyone makes mistakes, but important part is how we correct those mistakes.

I know a CAB drive, who has driven for 15 years in his home country but failed 5 times in Sweden.

Not interested favour of vision zero or whatever shit that is and failing people for money.

Please don’t believe in your luck first timers, everyone can make mistakes and you can make mistakes on road it you have passed for the first time. However, the guys who have failed 5 times may not make mistakes on road while driving.

It’s a never ending debate.
no BS 2024-06-05 14:43 ! Quote #
Guest 2023-05-26
BTW, for the above replies.

It’s funny you think Swedish are good drivers.

How many of you can drive comfortably in a country, let’s say India?

I think just because your driving test is hard doesn’t make you a good driver.

I have no problem driving in India. Can you?
This is called gaslighting, they think they know better and this is pure BS of ”In Sweden you need to drive correctly” is absolute bollocks, in Stockholm they cross cycling lanes without blinking, they park over cycling lanes, they speak on the phone while driving (HOLDING TH FREAKING MOBILE; EVEN THOUGH THE CAR HAS A FREAKING HANDS ON SYSTEM) They can’t blink when changing lanes, when they get to the road they think they are rally drivers. They are often letting their anger drive them in difficult traffic, they can’t park parallel, they can’t reverse properly, so all in all they are as shitty as anywhere I’ve been in this planet, maybe a bit less reckless. The reason mortality rate is low is because cars and roads are safe.

The thing is that most Swedes learned how to drive locally and did it from the start with a school. If you book privately your exams they will fail you, meanwhile if you go through the traffic school they give a bit of leeway for small mistakes.
pass 2024-06-05 15:11 ! Quote #
I passed recently after failing two times and I booked directly not via my school.
The issue I had/have with the test is each instructor has their own things they focus on and are extra picky about. It means that the actual test by its very nature can’t be seen as fair across the board.
My last examiner was a very experienced person and I felt she understood that basic errors during the test doesn’t mean I am a bad driver. I think I would have failed with any other instructor
Guest 2024-06-13 23:00 ! Quote #
The reason people are upset is because they have a risk of ending up in the same road as you. You’re saying it’s your decision to do what you like with your drivers licence despite knowing you’re cheating the system. This system is here for your and everyone else’s safety. It’s a very immature way of thinking. You’re obviously lacking self awareness when blaming others when for failing 8 times. It’s clearly not the instructors, it’s you. Being in the road while being unqualified for it puts not only your life at risk but others as well. Do you see why people are bothered? You only think of yourself, it’s rather sociopathic behaviour. “I want to drive, it doesn’t matter if I’m unable to use our roads safely”, it’s just a matter of time until you have to get your license revoked. I wish you and everyone thinking of doing the same all the best of luck when you have to re-do your license, or if you chose to take a Swedish one and also enhance your own chances of turning 40. If you took a few classes like most of us and looked over your own stubbornness, you would be a very good driver I assure you.

Also. People mentioned the traffic in India. We should be happy we don’t have a road-system as India. why would we WANT to have to adapt to that type of driving, we should be happy we don’t have to here in Sweden.
Guest 2024-06-13 23:21 ! Quote #
Its not the romainian license thats worrying, its the 8 times fail without seeing your fault in it
Guest 2024-06-15 21:13 ! Quote #
Trust me, to get Romanian license is not as easy as the author describered earlier. Even in Romania they have strict policy to check one’s residence and original non-EU license which is requested to be be exchanged. A touring for a few months with the only purpose to change the license will be immediately flagged by the migration officer there. (I know someone trying the same approach but failed to get the residence permit, not to mention the driving license LOL)

And the author seems to disappear for many months without any updates. Guess did he succeed eventually?

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