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Pedestrian crossing question

Ted 2023-05-13 10:16 ! Quote #
Hello, I had a question about traffic rules in Sweden regarding pedestrian crossings, more exactly pedestrian refuge / islands.

In some countries I know that if you are on a 2 way street, and there’s either a refuge/island or two or more lanes per direction of travel, you can continue driving as long as the pedestrian has not reached the lanes in your direction of travel.

1. The pedestrian is crossing a 2 lane street, is on the other lane, and has a refuge between the lanes - essentially splitting the pedestrian crossing in 2 parts.
2. The pedestrian is crossing a 4 lane street, but has not reached the lanes in the current direction of travel.

Is it illegal in Sweden, if done safely, to not stop at the pedestrian crossing?
Guest 2023-05-13 13:33 ! Quote #
A refuge does not really matter in a legal sense. The pedestrian crossing crosses the entire road and there is no legal concept that splits the pedestrian crossing into multiple parts (refuge in the middle).

Even in example 2, your obligation to give way starts the moment somebody is about to step out.

However, that being said, there is a possibility for you to drive in a scenario like 2, if you do no interrupt the pedestrian or risk harm/confusion. See bold part:

The Road Traffic Ordinance: “Drivers who have an obligation to give way must clearly show their intent to do so by, in good time, reducing their speed or stopping. The driver may only drive on if, with consideration to the positioning of other road-users, the distance to them, and their speed, doing so does not cause any danger or obstruction.

Good read:

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