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Kuggat tre ggr

Gäst 2021-10-14 11:49 ! Citera #
KatarinaVallentuna 2021-10-14
Now understand why you failed, you must have been very aggressive and arrogant to inspector. Calm down, change attitude, drive safe and defensive. Otherwise you gonna fail many times.
Your statement about zero exeptions is still false though…
Gästnumberunknown 2021-10-18 20:50 ! Citera #
KatarinaVallentuna 2021-10-14
Sweden has zero vision in serious traffic accidents, so they want you to follow all safety rules, with zero exception.
During the test, inspector gets to see you only 35 minutes, so you must be 100% safe driver and follow all safety rules.
Reversing around the corner can be done safer with a reverse camera that many recent cars have.

For your next test, ask your traffic school to provide you a car with reverse camera so you will not have any issue there.
Inspectors do tolerate some minors, as long as you not do anything really dangerous, And as previous stated, a good driver knows when to not follow the traffic rules in order to make some situations safer.
KatarinaVallentuna 2021-10-19 07:51 ! Citera #
As you correctly say ”inspectors do tollerate minor errors”. Thats correct. But the american guy backed around the corner and he ended up in the opposite lane, which ia neither minor, nor safe. And instead of improvimg his driving with a professional teacher, he is blaming inspectors and the Swedish driving licence instead.
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