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After 3 or more attempts does passing get harder

Guest 2024-06-14 06:52 ! Quote #
Having failed 3 times and going to attempt my fourth time, I have been told by many that I need to be a perfect driver. If I make even one tiny mistake I will fail again. The more attempts I take the more susceptible I am to being judged harder. Is this true? or a myth? I am a foreigner and not sure if everything I hear is true or not.
I am an average driver and make silly mistakes every time I practice. This worries me even more. Appreciate some honest advice.
Angie 2024-06-14 07:58 ! Quote #
I have failed 3 times and passed on the fourth time. It was easier but maybe it was because I did it in Sala instead of Stockholm.
Dylan 2024-06-14 12:15 ! Quote #
No, that’s not true. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the driving test so there’s reason to be be critical about what you’re told. However, you need to practice and avoid the mistakes/reasons you failed the test. In my experience, a couple of small mistakes can be fine, as long as you don’t pose a danger in traffic. Good luck, you’ll get it next time. 8-)
Guest 2024-06-16 08:05 ! Quote #
:) Thank you for sharing and your kind words

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