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Experiences during the driving tests

Oli 2024-06-06 03:18 ! Quote #

Yesterday I had my driving test in Skelleftea.
We started from the driving school with bit older 2015-16 Volvo V60 caravan. Tieres was worned out and I’ve noticed him. But it was not of so much importance. The main things where made a mistake is that I wasn’t turning on indicator on time but to late on the country road ( somewhere around 50m) before turn. I also almost stop on entering small roundabout since other car was entering from the left (not Eco friendly) . Then also I was driving excessively slow where recommended speed due a road works was max30(300m) I started to slow down and maintain the speed of 30 he told me after that the road was pretty empty and I should drive faster (70 was regular speed limit). Also positioning my car on the turns was one of the mistakes (don’t know where I didn’t positioned properly).
Oli 2024-06-06 03:19 ! Quote #
Please leave your experiences if you fail it will help others and yourself also to summarise your mistakes. Thank you!

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