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I failed driving test today in Södertalje and here’s my reflections.

Guest 2024-05-27 16:25 ! Quote #
First and foremost; no blaming the inspector because I understand it’s my fault and he was right to fail me.
Infact he was nice and at the beginning explained things nicely and at the end he told me what I was good at and and need to improve. This was my 1st try at the test.

+ I had the test at 2.45pm and this was a time most school kids were on the road and pavement in groups. I didn’t realize it when booking. So I had to slow down to between 15-20km/h on a 30 zone. He said it was good. BUT generally the traffic was light and easy on the road.

+ I familiarized myself with roads in Södertalje using Google Street View etc it helped. Probably I’ll take some classes with a school in Södertalje.

- I was mainly practicing in a small car and I went ahead with trafikverket car which are bigger Volvo SUV. Since I had my muscle memory and practice in smaller car I had some trouble manovering and control during turning and roundabout. So my advice is either take a car you’ve trained with or practice with bigger car. (I know you should be able to operate any car but it should also come with experience. During a test which is already stressful it’s good to have a familiar car)

- While changing signals I accidentally turned on the main beam and I was driving with it without knowing for a while until he asked me to turn off. So keep an eye on the dashboard). I got panicked while driving; to turn it off and he had to intervene to turn it off. In Södertalje trafikverket there’s a binder (only in Swedish) with the cars and their controls I skimmed through a bit but would’ve been better if I took some more time to remember those.

- I had to pull over to a McDonald’s and then park and come back. Parking was good. But when coming out the exit is a bit hilly and I couldn’t manouver properly and hit the curb when leaving.

Overall a good experience and now I know how the test works. Time to go back; practice more and take the test again.
Sha 2024-05-31 06:59 ! Quote #
Thanks for sharing, im planning on taking the exam this summer and your inputs are helpful. It gave me an idea on what to expect. Good luck on your next try.
Kay 2024-06-03 10:48 ! Quote #
I took my test last year in english in Eskilstuna. Your points are valid and I will strongly recommend you getting a driving school to practise driving with and getting familiar with the roads by driving. I can’t emphasize this enough!

All the best everyone
Guest 2024-06-04 22:38 ! Quote #
Hello, Thanks for posting your experience. But from what you say I am not sure which is the major mistake the inspector decided to fail you for!?. Was it because you didn’t go in 20 on a 30 zone or is it because the inspector had to intervene to turn off the lights? None of them seemed like a major mistake but I could be wrong. Appreciate if you can answer. Taking test in södertalje end of June.
Guest 2024-06-09 09:10 ! Quote #
It was the intervention and going slightly on the curb while turning.

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