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Looking far ahead and planning.

Big tray 2024-01-27 18:36 ! Quote #
I had 3 failed driving exams at trafikvert but on all of them they commented on looking far ahead while driving.
I would be glad if someone helped me with this.
Gäst 2024-01-28 10:51 ! Quote #
Hi! This is really common to get, so let’s say there is a sign saying that there is a speedbump there, instead of looking at it when the car is right by it and braking you would want to see that sign when it’s still a a bit further down the road, that way you can “motorbromsa” so not just braking hard when actually there but letting the car kinda “roll” and slow down, that way you have planned your driving to be more eco friendly for not braking hard and also planned and seen the sign far away! Another example is you are going to turn right, and by that turn you are crossing a crosswalk, walk path or cycling path, instead of stopping and looking when you are there, you would want to scan the path before the turn, because if there is no bike there before the turn it’s probably going to be free, that way you have planned and scanned off the crosswalk before even crossing! Hope that wasn’t confusing haha

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