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Failure to indicate a turn

Nick 2024-01-27 15:51 ! Quote #
I got curious about whether failure to indicate a turn should lead so some kind of a penalty - and there we go, it’s 500kr. But omg - from what I see driving around Stockholm area - it’s only ~ 30% of drivers are indicating their turns or when changing lanes - this is super annoying (and dangerous) - particularly at roundabouts.

I don’t get it… is there any way one can report these people? Maybe paying a fine would incentivize them.
T 2024-01-28 14:08 ! Quote #
It is indeed illegal and highly dangerous and irritating for all types of traffic. Mostly laziness from the police which permits it to happen.

Camera surveillance which shows it happening is likely enough for a court to instantly convict, or the police to write out a fine which rarely should be contested if done right.

There is a lot of money to harvest here and an opportunity to make traffic safer.

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