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Right hands rules

Alia 2023-12-08 12:32 ! Quote #
:(I want to know about right hand rules
Björn He 2023-12-09 22:40 ! Quote #
To be exact, priority to the right is a traffic rule that obliges a driver to yield priority for every vehicle oncoming from the right-hand side when multiple vehicles’ courses intersect, and applies generally at junctions without traffic signals and priority signs. Besides Sweden, priority to the right (in French ”priorité à/de droite”; in German ”Rechtsvortritt”) applies mainly in all European countries, except Britain and Ireland, which don’t use priority to the left despite their left-hand traffic. What I’ve learnt, priority to the right is a rule which applies even in Cyprus, despite left-hand traffic. Thailand, however, which also has left-hand traffic, uses priority to the left, which also was used in Sweden during its time with left-hand traffic (before the early morning of Sunday 3 September 1967).

In some countries like Belgium, and possibly also France, it is possible to be fined for failure to yield priority to a driver oncoming from the right in a junction where priority to the right applies, but on the other hand it is also possible to be fined for taking priority from the right without looking to the left. I’m not sure if a driver may be fined for not looking to the left in Sweden but in Belgium one may be fined if one takes priority from the right ”sans regarder à gauche”. Despite the duty to yield for vehicles oncoming from the right, it is necessary, to avoid risk of accident, to take a look to the left (as well as the right) when arriving to a junction, at least in Belgium.

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