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Mock test feedback : Planning, planning, planning!

Mux 2023-11-09 17:43 ! Quote #

I have my driving test (practical) at the end of this month: 29 Nov 23. I did a mock test today with an experienced teacher. She told me she felt my driving was a bit un-even, and that I should be driving like I usually do, and not to impress the inspector. She further told me that I should apply what I learn in theory to my real driving as if I don’t do that, it would lead to confusion on the road. She further said I may need 4 -5 hours of practice before the actual test.

Positives are I did the motorway driving well, and parking maneuvres well.

I have not driven much outside Sweden (I have a license from India), and whatever I have driven is only in Sweden. I have driven with my neighbor to places that are faraway, and I have heard from them that I drive well and am a safe driver.

A feedback I got was to look further and not close to the car. That would give me more time to plan. I’m confused here. How do I improve my planning? Any pointers would be really helpful!
H 2023-11-10 19:25 ! Quote #
Exactly what she said. Do not look to close infront of your car. If you look further ahead you will notice what is coming up instaed of reacting on what is happening right infront of you.

If you look to close you will have to break late and fast if someone crosses the street for example.. if you look further ahead you will notice this person alot sooner and have time to analyze what is happening and slow down.

If you approach a roundabout.. look beyond it and see what are the cars doing, do we have someone approaching, is it clear and so forth.. thats why planning by looking further ahead is important, it leads to less in the moment desitions and makes you a safer driver.
Mux 2023-11-12 16:52 ! Quote #

Thanks for your advice. Will try to practice more this way.

Mux 2023-11-29 15:08 ! Quote #
Hi Again,

I passed my driving road test today. It was snowy and stormy. I was a bit confused when doing safety check on parking brake and service brakes servo mostly because it was a modern car which did not have the same lever as my old Nissan , but managed to do it right. Then I thought I had definitely failed when I had to do a forward park, parked, but was too close when I was pulling out. So the examiner asked me to pull out straight first and then drive into the spot again. I then due to poor visibility crossed a solid line close to a round about,but did it safely . So he put me in a similar situation again where I corrected my previous error. Then we drove back to the traffikverket where he said you drove safely, so I’ll pass you, but it work a little bit on planning close to roundabouts.. you do not have to stop all the time, but if you have to , it’s better you do, and said congrats ..

My driving instructor thought the inspector was very helpful and nice and was surprised I passed.
Kiki 2023-11-30 11:51 ! Quote #
Congratulations on passing the driving test and coming back here to give us motivation. Wish you all the best.
J 2023-12-01 20:56 ! Quote #
Congrats to you bro.

I did most things well in my test including parking . However , my motorway driving was really bad , mainly because I got nervous about driving on a 100km/h road & didn’t know what was the appropriate speed given the winter weather.

I also slowed down before taking off ramp which was also marked as a fault.

I would like your comment on this
Mux 2023-12-02 07:04 ! Quote #

Thank you all for your wishes.

Reg motorway, I was initially nervous normally, but once you drive two or three times in and out,you will gain confidence. What’s important is as you get into the entry ramp, start acceleration to the speed indicated on near the motorway sign. As you get close to motorway keep looking at the right rear view mirror to keep note of who is on the road.. you should now adapt your speed based on whether people are giving you way, what time will you have available when you’re near the slip entry. Check blind spot and merge.After you merge, shift to the highest gear, and look in front of you. See if you have atleast 1 verge marker difference b/w you and previous vehicle. If you feel the road being slippery or the stability control lights come on, let go of the accelerator. Important thing is you maintain a safe distance between you and one in front. So if he is driving 80, you drive at 80 , but ensure you’re atleast a verge marker behind. And in winter, it’s ok if you’re more behind. But don’t brake to increase distance, just slow down by letting accelerator go. When exiting, during my test the exit road was frozen. During exit, till you reach the broken lines, don’t let your speed down, because while you’re exiting, other cars are still going on the motorway and if we slow down before we fully exit, it will not be safe for them. Once your car is fully on the exit lane, then let go of the gas and brake depending on how long you have the exit lane till the speed limit changes. When there is a 70 at exit, be as close to 70 as possible as people behind you may be speed blind and driving faster.

Hope that helped. I think what was important was to see if you’re able to maintain the appropriate speed under the conditions of road and visibility, and how safely you adapt to the above.

Best of luck!
Lulu 2024-01-27 13:17 ! Quote #
Where did you the mock test?

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