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Failed driving test today.. risky driving?

Ree 2023-09-27 19:11 ! Quote #
Unfortunately I didn’t pass my first attempt today. Reason: driving too fast through roundabout, too fast when turning off country road (right turn, shoulder present. Instructor said I should have slowed sooner and turned slower), leading to risk and not eco driving.

Is there a guidance on speed to aim for at roundabouts and junctions? Does it matter what the speed limit was before/after entering? I think in my mind I wanted to keep up with the speed of the outgoing traffic, but perhaps that should only be the thinking for motorways.

Tips much appreciated!
Guest 2023-10-07 09:59 ! Quote #
Do not follow the traffic’s speed because cars are usually driving over the limits.

Speed in general: On a driving test you must obey the speed limit, and try to keep your speed 5 km/h below that limit to avoid the “speeding” mistake which you can get even if you just overstepped it by 1 km/h.

In roundabouts: When just about reaching a roundabout, slow down to 30 km/h, and drive with 20 km/h inside it. Regardless what was the speed limit posted on the road.

In junctions: That really depends on the situation and visibility. So I would just say, I do sharp turns very slowly, 5-10 km/h. Meanwhile keep looking if there are pedestrians or cyclists are coming.

On country road: You should start slowing your car way earlier and indicate already that you will make a turn soon. But you gotta do that very gradually. That will prepare the cars behind you because you will likely even have stop the car when reaching the your turn. Then from that point, do it slowly as in any sharp turns (5-10 km/h). If you want to do a left turn on a country road but you see that there is heavy oncoming traffic, then it’s safer not to do the turn and instead drive till you can find a safe place to turn around.
Ree 2023-10-24 13:43 ! Quote #
Thank you for the tip! I passed today on the 3rd attempt.

The 2nd attempt I did in a different place due to scheduling. It was Farsta Stockholm and the experience was vastly different. I failed for driving too slow (60 in 70. Instructor said it’s fine to go over speed limit here by 5-10 temporarily. You won’t fail for going 1 over despite), not planning well during roundabout (one time too cautious and should have gone instead of waiting for car who was entering from the left). Also was driving in the middle lane of highway for too long (should only be used for passing).

The 3rd attempt I was back to where I took the test first time in northern Sweden. Mostly country road and some centrum driving. The conditions were not too bad despite it being 4C (but no ice/snow on road). Tried to keep speed at 65 in 70, slowing down on turns, and avoiding having to stop at roundabouts. Had to do 2 left turns on country road but luckily no incoming nor tail traffic (still abit hard to gauge when to start slowing down tho...)

Good luck to you incoming test takers!
Guest 2023-10-27 00:04 ! Quote #
8-) Congratulations!
Guest 2023-12-02 21:13 ! Quote #
Anton 2023-12-04 00:37 ! Quote #
Hi ,I my test was on 8 December i want to ask you question how much was the speed in motorway because of snow can i drive at same 110 or 100
Guest 2023-12-04 20:39 ! Quote #
Anton 2023-12-04
Hi ,I my test was on 8 December i want to ask you question how much was the speed in motorway because of snow can i drive at same 110 or 100
It depends. Snow, ice?
Guest 2023-12-07 00:19 ! Quote #
Anton 2023-12-04
Hi ,I my test was on 8 December i want to ask you question how much was the speed in motorway because of snow can i drive at same 110 or 100
If you drive in Farsta right now, the motorway shouldn’t be too slippery. Just follow the flow of the traffic, but adjust your speed if it’s icy. I had my driving test during rain and drove about 5-10 km/h under the speed limit and it was fine, I passed.

I’d worry more about smaller roads where it hasn’t been plowed much. Good luck on your test :D
Noor 2023-12-09 20:24 ! Quote #
Can you tell me where was your first körning .
Anton 2023-12-09 20:27 ! Quote #
Vilken motorvägg fick du åka när du hade uppkörning i Farsta

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