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I managed to get extra categories by exchanging my normal drivers for lorry driver

Richard 2023-09-22 04:43 ! Quote #

Feeling pretty guilty actually, my sister and my wife and this last week put me on a guilt trip.
The problem is I can drive and always driven a lorry, however I change my driving licence using a website called EUDL, not sure if I should put the full site name.

So I get my lorry licence, like all the cats to reason, yet I ran over the next doors dog, I mean I flatten it, I drove away.
I could of stayed as I had a licence and was not really my fault, now my wife and sister blame it on the website that I pay to add categories, so I not know feeling a bit depressed, because each time I feel a little better, my sister or my wife, comes and tells me the next door family crying still.

Another question, I having a big problem with is if this was legal or not, so like suck at the moment, if anyone can see by looking the website, I appreciate your comments:

OK, is not like I can go down the pub to talk about this, so I thought I get some outside impute.

Guest 2023-09-22 19:11 ! Quote #
You mean you exchanged a driving license issued outside of EU and convert it into a Swedish one by this website?
Guest 2023-09-26 21:30 ! Quote #
Basically, all driving dealers claiming they can get you driving license without you obtaining a residence permit in that particular EU country, are scammers :P.
littlemark 2023-09-28 20:50 ! Quote #
I strongly recommend you forget about this ”license” and never present it ever again especially when stopped by police. Very likely they just made a plastic card by themselves and sent it to you :(

To legally exchange in Sweden, it is simple, only EEA and Japanese license may be exchanged without test.
Other EU countires, e.g., Luxembourg, Belgium or France, may provide more alternatives however it is always required you have a residence permit and a local ID in that particular EU country.

Therefore, either you pass the tests here in Sweden, or you are prepared to afford being a resident in another EU country for at least 1 year (multiple air tickets, rental agreement for 1 year, or even completely move from Sweden to other EU countries, etc)

Very likely a legal EU driving license should carry your Biographical data, meaning you should be required to go to the local authorities to have fingerprint collected, for example:

If they claim they will provide you another EU license without you physically being there, it is for sure a scam and you should run :P.
littlemark 2023-09-28 21:16 ! Quote #
BTW, if you ran over a dog, it is clearly indication that you may not drive as good as you imagine. So I strongly suggest you practice enough before going to the road, if possible practice with instructor as if you have no license (which is actually the truth since the ’license’ you hold is very likely a fake one)

You will find it very useful to spend a few thousand sek doing so, otherwise, the penalty you pay to the police will only become least of your problems.

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