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Drive up in Helsingborg (first try)

Andr 2021-10-27 15:41 ! Citera #
Hej all, decided to post about my driving test today in Helsingborg. Sorry it’s in English, my Swedish isn’t good.

Post like that helped me to get more focused and less nervous. Exam started at 13:30

My inspector was woman in her 40s, I ask if it’s okay if I speak English, she answered is fine but her English is limited but sounded good to me. She checked ID, I signed on tablet, I tell few jokes about weather and we went to car. It was Volvo v60 diesel (very powerful, hard to stall). She showed me video on tablet in English about how test would go. After video she asked to check brakes (I dint know what exactly she meant, so I checked all: brake servo, sink pedal, then reversed for 15cm and braked hard), after that I said I done.

We drove out of parking went to residential after a roundabout. There was a lot of right hand rule and I kept my foot on break pedal. I constantly check my back mirror also(visible head movement). Then in 40 zone I drove like 37 in 4th gear, she told me you have to gear down (shit, did I just fail I thought, it was just my nerves).

We then drove oun onto the highway towards E6/E4 (I had to do left turn on junction and let pass incoming traffic to get there). We drove for a while and then asked to follow signs towards Malmö. Main thing there for me was try to maintain your speed, check back mirrors. Check for merging road etc. After that we made exit (I don’t remember where) and I was told to follow signs to Ödakra. There was a moment where she asked to park in parking lot next to a specific car, I think we were near Väla.

Then we drive bunch of roundabouts and exit to some country road. There she said follow signs to Fleninge, (left turn country road), the we drove past small village (limit is 70, but you have to adjust speed to the village, I drove roughly 40-50)

Then she directed me back to Trafikverket (some more roundabouts, highway) there she told me to park, I nose parked and thought it was good, she told me that your right wheel on the parking line(SHIT, did I just guarantee fail), I kept my cool, reversed a little (still turning my head etc) and fixed it a bit.

The I fucking struggle to switch car off, the car had this button that you turn clockwise to turn on and off, I tried to switch off counter clock wise fucks sake, but figured it quickly. As soon as I switched the engine I heard that sweet sweet ”You have passed the test”.

I said thanks and asked her what can I improve, or general feedback, she said nothing, all good. Wished her nice day and wondered off.

Now, inspector didn’t want to talk too much, so I was really focused on the road and instructions and tried to relax. And it worked I think. Chit chat can make me distracted personally. So we chat before getting to car :)

My personal tip (that already been mentioned a lot) is not to get small mistake get to your nerves, otherwise you will morally give up and make actual mistakes. Take it easy like my trafikschool teacher said.

One more thing: I booked as privat, but took around 7 driving lessons with school to fix my errors before exam, and it helped A LOT! For those who in Helsingborg it was Anderssons trafikschool, great teachers there!

Hope those who read will find it helpful and let’s you relax nerves a bit.

Take care :)
Gäst 2021-10-27 20:53 ! Citera #
Congrats and well done! Drive safe now :)

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