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Driving Licence Book – review of driving licence theory book

Cover of Driving Licence Book

Cover of Driving Licence Book

The Driving Licence Book is the most used driving licence theory book. It is published by the Swedish National Association of Driving Schools (STR).

The Driving Licence Book is designed for those who want to obtain a category B driving licence. However, the book contains sections that are common for all vehicle training, but if you intend to get a category A or C licence, the Driving Licence Book must be combined with, for example, MC-boken [the MC Book] or Tungboken [the Heavy Book].

Complementary right and left page

The Driving Licence Book is actually only half as thick as it seems. This is because almost all double-page spreads have the following structure:

  • The right page of each double-page spread contains traditional text with key words in the margin.
  • The left page is a short summary of the right page’s text, with explanatory pictures and large text providing brief summaries.

This makes the Driving Licence Book suitable both for those used to regular running text and those who learn best with the help of pictures and concrete examples.

The structure also makes it easy to understand what is especially important, namely what is indicated on the left page. A minor downside, however, is that there is no summary of each chapter. There is only a short introduction text.


The pictures in the Driving Licence Book are mostly actual photographs of the real world. However, there are also illustrations and computer-generated images to show things that are difficult to photograph.

There is no complaint about the number of pictures. On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to directly link the image on the left page with text, because the images are often toned into the background and can therefore be mistaken for general illustrations.

Interesting chapter on driving a car in other countries

At the back of the Driving Licence Book there is a voluntary chapter (nothing that is tested on the theory test) that is about driving a car abroad.

Although the chapter is very brief, it still gives an interesting insight into how things work in other countries. Did you know, for example, that you are not allowed to continue driving until you pay your fines in certain countries?

Separate road signs booklet

In previous editions of the Driving Licence Book, the road signs have been found at the back of the book. In the latest versions, however, STR has chosen to remove the road signs from the book and instead include a booklet named Swedish Road Signs.

This certainly has its advantages, but an obvious disadvantage is that it will be harder to keep track of both the book and the booklet.

The different chapters in the Driving Licence Book

  • Introduction – How the road to a driving licence looks and basic concepts.
  • Driving in the city – driving in built-up areas and parking.
  • Driving on the country road – entry/exit roads from a country road, overtaking, wildlife risks and the motorway.
  • The car – car safety, driving characteristics and safety checks.
  • Driving in the dark – risks when driving in the dark and facts on lighting.
  • Driving on a slippery road – different types of slippery road surface and how to handle these.
  • People – experienced/inexperienced drivers, stress and alcohol.
  • The environment – negative health/environmental impact and economical driving.
  • Supplements – speed ​​rules, inspection, insurance and loading.
  • In the event of an accident – what to do and common types of accidents.
  • Driving in other countries – the rules when driving abroad (optional chapter).
  • Other – definitions/explanations, legal texts and registers.
  • Appendix: Swedish Road Signs – all of Sweden’s signs and road markings.

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